Why Stanford High School Summer College?

High School Summer College creates an inclusive community of learning where students are challenged to reach their fullest potential—while at Stanford and beyond.

What Makes Us Distinct

Why are we different from other summer programs that offer college credit? Summer College students enjoy an extraordinary array of social, cultural, and educational programming, events, speakers, and trips, all uniquely situated in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California, with its perfect summer days.

Here are five main reasons why Stanford’s High School Summer College is extraordinary:

It’s Stanford

Stanford’s leadership in global education, research, and innovation is unmatched. 


As part of Stanford's Sumer Session, students can choose among 145 different classes across 30 departments within the University. Students can take up to 5 courses in the summer, gaining more exposure to the subjects that interest and challenge them.

A Commitment to Academic Support Services

Stanford Summer Session is committed to robust academic support. In addition to Stanford’s world-renowned faculty and libraries, Summer College students have access to free tutors in most academic areas, academic skills coaches, and academic advisors. Additionally, residential students have access to Stanford undergraduate mentors and live-in adult staff. These expert staff members make it their primary responsibility to teach, develop, and support the skills necessary to succeed inside and outside the classroom.

Preparing Students for College, Wherever They Choose

We offer an array of programming, workshops, speakers, panels, and events. This is all aimed to help students lay the groundwork that will serve them not only in their summer at Stanford, but also wherever they choose to go to college—and, more immediately, when they return to home in the fall. 

Stanford is Situated in a Vibrant Hub of Industry & Innovation

This includes Silicon Valley, the San Francisco and San Jose metropolitan areas, and the wider Bay Area. High School Summer College students have access to a steady stream of industry and academic world leaders, including numerous speakers during the Summer for Stanford University students, and often featuring Nobel laureates, global leaders, voices that have shaped history, and those that will shape the future.