Student Life

June 20, 2017
Posted by High School Sum...

Congratulations again on your acceptance into our program. We are so thrilled to have you.

Welcome Weekend is quickly approaching! I wanted to take this opportunity before you arrive to send some tips for success over the coming weeks:

Get to know your staff!

Throughout the summer, our staff will be key resources for you - whether it's assistance with navigating Stanford, figuring out how to properly adjust to your new environment, or just to hang out with them when you're bored! Make sure you ask them about their stories, their journeys, and the lessons they've learned - they are a wealth of information!

House Directors are graduate students in the process of getting their Master's degree in Higher Education, Student Affairs, or a similar field. They come from all over the country, each from different institutions. As non-Stanford students, they'll have unique perspectives to offer, and can speak to what college is like across the country!

Head Mentors are all Stanford students, and have either worked with High School Summer College before, or have been on residential staff with undergraduates during the academic year. When it comes to building a community, they know what's up!

Mentors, who make up the bulk of our staff, come from all different areas of the University, and of the world! They have majors that span all the various fields of study Stanford has to offer, and are involved in an eclectic mix of extracurriculars! From salsa dancing to health education, a capella to robotics, ask your Mentors about their experiences.

Get involved in your community!

Studies show engagement in the community is correlated with increased academic success. This means "rolling out" to programs that your Mentors put on, eating meals with your housemates, and spending time getting to know people in your classes.

Commiting Students- Your "home-away-from-home" this summer is Mirlo - look out for e-mail from the Mirlo staff! They'll be hosting special events exclusively for commuters, as well as larger events with the rest of the High School Summer College students.

Learn from your peers.

One of the things that makes High School Summer College unique is that the learning does not stop in the classroom. Mentors will create programs that will allow you to learn from others, and allow others to learn from you. Approach different experiences with an open mind, and approach different viewpoints with an open heart.

Give yourself a quick refresher on our program policies!

You can find them in the Student Handbook on the application portal! And remember, even if something isn't listed, Stanford follows the Fundamental Standard, which states:

Students at Stanford are expected to show both within and without the university such respect for order, morality, personal honor and the rights of others as is demanded of good citizens. Failure to do this will be sufficient cause for removal from the university.

If you're ever unsure of a policy, or why it exists, ask a staff member!

Our goal is for you to be safe, to learn, and to have fun - and we can't wait to make that happen!


Justin Balido
Assistant Director for Academic Life