By living and eating in undergraduate residence halls on the Stanford campus, High School Summer College students become part of a smaller supportive community.

Living at Stanford

Each residence hall consists of a cluster of smaller “houses,” and each house typically has its own lounge, computer cluster, laundry facility, and common area. Summer College students are assigned to either a single, double, or triple room arrangement, sharing their living space with other program participants.

Trained Stanford undergraduates live in each residence where they serve as Mentors. Their mission: Create and support a safe, warm, and inviting residential community. Graduate students also live in residence as House Directors, providing additional oversight and guidance for Summer College students. 

All rooms are equipped with window coverings and furnished with extra-long twin beds, desks and chairs, bookcases, dressers, and wardrobes – one for each roommate. In addition, each room has a private telephone and access to the Internet. Wireless connectivity is also available.

Pillows, bed linens, and towels aren’t provided. Students may bring these items with them or may purchase them locally.

Housing Information

Confirmed Summer College residential students are guaranteed housing on the Stanford Campus. However, the Housing Office has a separate application process that Summer College students must complete online. Detailed information describing the housing application is included in each student’s confirmed status materials. Parents or guardians of students who accept a housing assignment must sign a Stanford University Residence Agreement.

The High School Summer College office makes room and roommate assignments after students have a confirmed places in the residential program by submitting their individual profiles and Residence Agreement forms. Following Stanford tradition, room and roommate assignments are made public on the program’s opening day.

Students are billed for their housing expenses on the University Bill. Please visit the Residential Program Expenses & Fees section of our website for specific fee information for Summer 2017.