Parent/Guardian FAQ

Welcome parents/guardians of prospective High School Summer College students! Our program offers students the opportunity to earn Stanford University credit. The High School Summer College application process mirrors many aspects of applying to college and provides you the opportunity to learn some of the ins and outs of having a student navigate this journey. We understand that this process can be just as new and intimidating for you as it is for your student!

As visiting Summer Quarter students, High School Summer College participants will have a different parent/guardian and student experience than high school, a summer camp, or an academic enrichment program. Students take on the majority of responsibilities including submitting and monitoring the status of their applications, keeping up with dates and deadlines, and communicating billing information to parents/guardians.

In the High School Summer College office, we view parents/guardians as our partners. That said, the process can be confusing and even contradicting at times. Parents/guardians must provide an electronic signature through a separate Parent/Guardian Portal before a student's application can be considered complete. However, once students are accepted and confirmed into the program, our communications with parents/guardians become limited as we interact mainly with students.

This process may be new to many parents/guardians, or Stanford’s processes may differ from your prior experiences. We hope to provide you with useful information and resources below to work with you and to help guide you through this process.

Before Your Student Applies

Here are a few useful pages on our website to further your understanding of High School Summer College:

During the Application and Review Process

Students are responsible for completing their own portion of the application. When questions or concerns arise, we highly recommend that students—rather than parents/guardians—contact our office.

Because parents/guardians play a major role in the application process, we have created a Parent/Guardian Portal to keep you informed and connected to the process. The Parent/Guardian Portal allows you to monitor your student’s application status, enter your electronic signature, and submit payment of the application fee. Even if the student and recommender portions of the application have been completed, the application will not be reviewed until both the parent/guardian electronic signature and payment are submitted through the Parent/Guardian Portal. You will be able to see when the student completes their portion of the application, when the recommendation letter is submitted, and track the application through the review process.

Below are links to help you with the application process:

Once Your Student is Admitted

Please be aware that reaching Admitted/Accepted status does NOT guarantee the student a place in the program. Space is limited in our program, and although we have many qualified applicants, we can confirm only a limited number of students. Once a student reaches the Admitted status, time is of the essence. The Acceptance Checklist needs to be completed on both the Applicant Portal and the Parent/Guardian Portal. Students and parents/guardians are given 3 weeks to finish their acceptance process, but we strongly encourage students and parents/guardians to complete this process as soon as possible because program space is limited, and the student's space is not yet secured until the student is "Confirmed".

Once Your Student is Confirmed

Once students are confirmed as High School Summer College students, they receive a Stanford ID number and set up their student account and Stanford email in Axess.  At this point, we begin to communicate most information only to the students, as required by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Students are responsible for providing their parents/guardians with important information. This is also the time that students begin to interact with multiple offices around campus, as each office handles a different part of student enrollment. Most interaction takes place through Stanford’s Axess or through emails sent to the student’s Stanford email account. It is important to note that some communications will move to the student’s new Stanford email at this point. Please remind them to check their Stanford email regularly.

Students use Axess to:

As visiting summer quarter students, only the student has access to the University Bill initially. If you need access to view and pay the bill, the student will need to set up an Authorized Payer account for you. Please note that Stanford University offices will not be able to speak with you about your student’s bill unless you are listed as an Authorized Payer.

If questions or concerns arise during the summer, you may need to reach out to a particular office on campus. We encourage your student to advocate for themselves by contacting these offices directly.