Online Program Tuition & Fees

This sample budget describes a student who is enrolled in a 5-unit online course and who doesn’t opt for the additional programming fee. Tuition costs will increase for enrollment exceeding 5 units. Health insurance is automatically charged by the university, but may be waived with proof of coverage.

Fees Billed by the High School Summer College

All Rates (USD)

Application Fee


Program Fee (Reduced for Online Students)





Fees Billed by Stanford University

All Rates (USD)

Tuition (5 Unit Minimum Charge)*


Document Fee


Campus Health Services Fee **


TOTAL (Without Cardinal Care Health Insurance)


Health Insurance Fee (Requires Proof of Coverage to Waive)*


TOTAL (With Cardinal Care Health Insurance)



Fees NOT on your University Bill

All Rates (USD)

Books & Supplies (Estimated)


TOTAL (Estimated)


* This fee may not apply to all students or is dependent upon personal choices made within a finite set of options. Please refer to the appropriate section under Understanding the Bill for more details.

** The Campus Health Services Fee must be waived by online students, according to the instructions provided in the Acceptance process.