Refunds & Adjustments

Tuition is refunded on a per diem basis starting with the first day through the first 60 percent of the term for each quarter.

Tuition is refunded based on a set refund schedule.

Annulment of Registration

Registration is annulled and tuition is refunded in full when a student withdraws voluntarily from all courses before the first day of instruction. The student is not included in University records as having registered for the term. An annulment does not automatically cancel Stanford's Cardinal Care health insurance coverage unless the annulment is granted before the first day of instruction. An annulment also does not automatically cancel a housing assignment; students who have accepted a housing assignment for the Summer Quarter should refer to their housing agreement for instructions about cancellation fees and how to formally terminate their agreement.

After the first day of instruction, refunds are calculated on a per diem basis starting on the first day of instruction for the Summer Quarter. Tuition is charged on a daily basis (including weekends and holidays) through the first 60% of the quarter. The Tuition Refund Schedule is available on the Office of the University Registrar website. If withdrawal occurs after the first 60% of the quarter has passed, students are liable for the full amount of the tuition they were charged. Tuition refunds are calculated based on the last date of attendance that the student indicates on the Annulment of Summer Registration Form

Students who experience a change in plans should submit an Annulment of Summer Registration Form as soon as possible. The completed form should be emailed or faxed to the High School Summer College office. Instructions for submission are included on the document itself.

Dropped Courses 

A tuition adjustment is made when a student drops one or more, but not all courses, on or before the Final Study List deadline of 5 pm on July 7, 2017. Individual courses may be dropped by the student, using Axess, for a full tuition adjustment of dropped units. Thereafter, adjustments to tuition are not permitted when a student withdraws from one or more, but not all, courses.

Course Withdrawal Deadline 

Students may withdraw from individual courses after the July 7, 2017 Final Study List deadline up until the Course Withdrawal deadline of 5 pm on August 4, 2017. The course withdrawal process is completed by the student, on Axess. When a student withdraws from a course during this timeframe, a grade of “W” (withdraw) is automatically recorded on the transcript for that course. Students will not be refunded tuition for courses from which they withdraw after the Final Study List deadline.

Courses with Non-Standard Schedules

For questions regarding courses that do not adhere to the standard 8-week schedule, students are encouraged to contact the Student Services Center or file a HelpSU ticket. Adding and dropping courses with a non-standard schedule may require submission of a manual "blue card." Blue cards are available from Summer College Academic Advisors, and from the Student Services Center. Registration after the designated deadline, will not include an extension of the tuition refund period.