Housing & Dining

Students who attend one of our summer programs and live on campus have the opportunity to experience Stanford in its truest sense – as part of a vibrant residential community.

Housing & Dining 

High School Summer College students will have the opportunity to apply for on-campus housing after they have accepted their offer of admission and received their Stanford ID number. Housing applications are completed within Axess, Stanford's online registration interface. Instructions on when and how to apply for housing are provided at Stanford's Student Housing website. All students assigned to on-campus housing will be provided with a meal plan that is appropriate for their individual assignment. For most students this will be a 14 meals/week dining plan; limited plan options are available within Axess for students who wish to modify this assignment.

High School Summer College students who have been issued a Stanford ID number are guaranteed housing within the residence halls specifically designated for the students in our program. Although the spot is secure, High School Summer College residential students will need to formally apply for summer housing within Axess. All residence halls in which Summer College students live are co-ed. However, within a residence hall, individual rooms are single-gender. Most floors are single gender, but a floor may be split gender with a staff member living in between. It is possible that a single-gender floor will have a staff member of the opposite gender. Some floors may have separate men’s and women’s bathrooms, gender-neutral bathroom, or a staff-only bathroom.  Graduate students are hired to provide additional overview and support for our high school residential communities.

All Residences at Stanford Offer the Following Amenities:

Telecommunications Services

All student rooms come equipped with telephone service and a network connection; the University charges a flat fee of $67 for both services during the Summer Quarter. Hard-wired phones are available in each student room and feature call waiting and free local calling; long-distance calls require the use of a calling card. Internet connection is available for all registered students. Information on accessing the Internet within the residence will be provided upon move-in. Students should refer to Stanford’s Residential Computing website for more information about residential wireless service.

Television Service 

We strongly recommend that students NOT bring a television set with them to Stanford. Each residence has lounge areas equipped with TVs, and students generally find they do not have a lot of time available for television viewing. If students elect to bring a small TV to campus, they will need to set up service through Stanford’s Cardinal Cable. More information is available online at: https://itservices.stanford.edu/service/cabletv.

Laundry Facilities

Each residence hall has its own laundry facilities. The cost of doing laundry is included as part of the Housing fee. Students are expected to provide their own laundry supplies.

More informations is available at the housing and dining website.

On-Campus Mail Delivery

Stanford does not have mail and package delivery service to student residences. Students who wish to receive mail during the summer will need to rent a Post Office Box at the U.S. Post Office, conveniently located on campus. For packages delivered via UPS, DHL, Federal Express, and other courier services, delivery will be directed to a central package receiving center on campus. Information about renting P.O. Boxes, addressing student correspondence, and sending packages to campus will be sent to registered students in late spring or is available here.

Parking Permits for On-Campus Students 

Students in the Summer College residential program may not bring cars to campus. Commuter Students may bring cars to campus.  Parking passes are available through Parking and Transportation.