Students receive a free email account and access to a web-based Stanford calendar.

Stanford Email Address 

A Stanford email address will be generated for students as soon as they create their SUNet IDs and will be available for use within 48 hours. For Stanford students, including those admitted by the High School Summer College office, this email address will be the University’s primary means of contact. All official University correspondence (notifications regarding billing, ID photo submission, registration in courses, etc.) will come to this address – oftentimes in advance of a student's arrival on campus. Visit Stanford’s Information Technology Services website describing the University’s Email & Calendar services for additional information.

During the program, all information and announcements pertaining to High School Summer College will be sent to students' Stanford email address. Prior to the start of the program and after the end of the program, any emails from the High School Summer College office will be sent to the non-Stanford email address registered on the student's application.

Please be aware that a student's Stanford email address will only be available for approximately 120 days following the end of the Summer Quarter. Students should refrain from using their Stanford student email for purposes beyond the needs of their attendance as part of Summer College.