Course Options

Not all summer courses are the same. Some follow an alternative schedule, some are part of a larger sequence, and some allow you to select a preferred grading scale.

Courses With Non-Standard Schedules

There are a handful of courses offered during the Summer Quarter that follow a special schedule. These are courses, such as the Organic Chemistry sequence, where each individual course component is less than the normal eight-week term. Meeting schedules and dates are available within Explore Courses. Courses with a non-standard schedule follow a special calendar for adding, dropping, and change of grading basis deadlines. For assistance with special schedule courses, please contact a High School Summer College Academic Advisor.

Grading Options 

Academic courses taught during the Summer Quarter are typically offered for a Letter Grade, or for an elected Credit/No Credit grading option. Non-academic courses are offered on a Satisfactory/No Credit basis. When enrolling in a specific course, a student has the ability to select their preferred grading scale from the options provided within Axess.

All courses offered as part of High School Summer College carry academic credit, regardless of how they are graded. Most students express a desire to earn academic credit but want to make certain their effort is reflected by a letter grade. For these students, the "Letter Grading" option should be chosen when available within Axess. Letter grades not only provide feedback on course performance, they may also be required in the future when a student is transferring courses to another educational institution educational institution. Please note that not all courses have grading options, and students must pass the course in order to receive academic credit as reflected on their transcript.

For courses that allow students to select between a Letter Grade and a Credit/No Credit grading option, students have the ability to revise their grading selection until the Change of Grading Basis deadline at 5 p.m. on August 4th. Once the Change of Grading Basis deadline has passed, it is no longer possible to adjust this aspect of course enrollment.

For more information, the Registrar’s Office maintains the official Definition of Grades information on its website.