Change of Plans

After students have been admitted, have completed all acceptance forms, and have received a Stanford ID number, they become a Stanford student for the Summer Quarter. If a student subsequently decides not to attend the program, he or she must notify the High School Summer College office, in writing, of their change in plans.

Notification in Writing 

Students who have been issued a Stanford ID number must notify the High School Summer College office regardless of when they decide to withdraw from the program. If a student notifies us of his or her change in plans on or before June 25, tuition charges will be eliminated. If a student fails to notify us of his or her change in plans on or before June 25, non-refundable fees may be charged to their account.

It is the responsibility of the student to drop courses, annul registration, or withdraw from the University by the appropriate deadline. For students who have applied for and been assigned housing for the Summer Quarter, it is the student's responsibility to notify the Stanford Housing Office of their intent to annul registration or withdraw from the quarter.

Dropping Courses in Axess

Axess will not permit a student to cancel enrollment for every course in his or her Study List. To fully withdraw from courses, students will need to submit an Annulment of Summer Registration Form.

Courses With Non-Standard Schedules

There are a handful of courses offered during the Summer Quarter that follow a special schedule. These are courses, such as the Organic Chemistry sequence, where each individual course component is less than the normal eight-week term. Meeting schedules and dates are available within Explore Courses. Courses with a non-standard schedule follow a special calendar for adding, dropping, and change of grading basis deadlines. For assistance with special schedule courses, please contact a High School Summer College Academic Advisor.

Termination of Housing Contract 

Students who have accepted a housing assignment, regardless of which program they planned on attending, should refer to their Residence Agreement for information about terminating their contract. Housing fees will be applied once a student accepts their housing assignment, regardless of if they withdraw from Summer Quarter. It is important students ensure they terminate their housing contract.

Cardinal Care Health Insurance

Charges for Stanford's Cardinal Care health insurance are not automatically removed from the student's university bill, even if the annulment form is received unless the student annuls before the first day of instruction. After the first day of instruction, it is the student's responsibility to contact Vaden Health Center for information on whether terminating Cardinal Care will be possible.