Academic Resources

There are many academic support resources on campus that are available during the summer to help students achieve success in the classroom. It is particularly important that Summer College students, who are often among the top students in their home high schools but find themselves among many exceptional students at Stanford, be proactive in seeking out answers to their questions about course material or help in their work.

Stanford Summer Academic Resource Center (SARC)

SARC offers academic support services to Stanford students enrolled in Stanford’s Summer Quarter. SARC is comprised of two main programs: Summer Tutor Program and Academic Advising.

Academic Advisors

Summer College students also have access to academic advisors free-of-charge prior to the start of the summer quarter. Academic Advisors will be available to answer questions about specific courses, course prerequisites, schedule structure, and other academic course related questions. Pre-summer Academic Advisors are available by email or phone and students may also be able to schedule video-conferencing appointments. Academic Advisors are available every weekday throughout the summer.


Summer College students have access to free tutoring in several subject areas. Although not every subject area can have a dedicated tutor, tutors are a great resources for many topics that are essential skills to academic success while at Stanford, including time management skills, how to better comprehend and retain what you read, how to take effective notes, how to develop an effective study plan, how to research a paper (also a great topic for a Subject Librarian), cite properly in your college work, among other important topics. Tutors are intended to support Stanford University coursework, and are therefore not available for SAT or ACT tutoring.

Visit the SARC website

Professors and TAs

A student’s first resource in matters concerning their academic course of study is always the teaching staff. Professors and Teaching Assistants (TAs) know their subjects best and are the most knowledgeable resources for matters related to the specifics of the course and the field of study. Professors and TAs hold regular office hours during the Summer Quarter.

Stanford Libraries and Subject Librarians

The Stanford Libraries are an integral part of the academic life of Stanford, providing an extraordinary array of resources and services to the community. Stanford students have access to world-class print and digital collections at nearly 20 libraries. Subject librarians are available to provide research consultation to students across all disciplines. Through the libraries, you will have access to over 1,000 licensed databases to browse journal articles and other scholarly resources and may use SearchWorks to discover books, films, and maps. The libraries also provide a variety of individual and group study spaces, basic and specialized computer clusters, and wireless Internet access.