Financial Aid

Students are admitted to High School Summer College based on academic merit, on a need-blind basis. Students who would like to apply for financial aid may do so as part of the application process.

Need-Based Financial Aid

Financial aid is determined by family need and is intended to assist students who would otherwise not be able to attend High School Summer College. Financial aid is awarded in the form of partial aid applied to the student's university bill.

Financial aid covers a portion of the total cost and families should be prepared to pay a majority of the program expenses. Students should talk with their guidance counselors and others in their communities about alternative sources of financial assistance. Application fee waivers are not available for the High School Summer College residential, commuter, and online programs.

The High School Summer College office makes financial aid decisions on a rolling basis until all funds have been distributed. Students who require financial aid should complete their applications early. As funds diminish, total award amounts may decrease in size. Financial aid awards are provided at the time of the admission decision and must be accepted within the timeframe stated in the formal admission offer email.

Financial Aid Eligibility

To be eligible for financial aid, students must complete the High School Summer College application and indicate that they wish to apply for financial aid. Students must upload their family’s tax returns from the previous year. U.S. Federal (1040) tax returns are appropriate documentation for domestic students. International students should provide proof of year-end family earnings in the form of a tax return required by your country of residence. Specific information about required documentation is available in the application. We reserve the right to request further documentation regarding family income, as needed. All financial information is confidential.

High School Summer College financial aid are awarded based on internal policies which differ from those used by Stanford University in calculating financial aid packages for matriculated students.

Please note that High School Summer College is not an eligible program for aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Horizon Scholars

The Stanford Horizon Scholars Program offers up to 15 low-income, high-achieving, Bay Area high school students the opportunity to attend High School Summer College Commuter Program at little to no cost. 

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